About The Series

Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Kansas...

Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Kansas, there lived a good YaYa. A YaYa is a SUPER FANTABULOUS Grandma. This particular YaYa has another name, which is Margie to people above 3 feet tall. Now this YaYa loved children. She loved children that were short or tall, big or little, black or white, yellow or grey, smart or un-smart, cute or un-cute. But most of all, she loved children that were just kids. One day YaYa was taking care of her mother, who was very old, and her great-nephew Brock. YaYa’s mother was very sick and Brock was, well, how can it be said politely – Brock was being a Rhino. A RHINO? What the HECK AND HOWDY is that? A Rhino to YaYa was a child NOT doing everyday things the RIGHTWAY, or most anything the RIGHTWAY for that matter. If you are being a Rhino, your life is pretty DAGNABABLE stressful.

As the days progressed, YaYa knew that the only way to get order, happiness and laughter back into her life was to turn Brock into a ROCKSTAR – a child who DOES follow the rules. ROCKSTARS do it the RIGHTWAY, all day, everyday! So YaYa sat down at her desk and turned on her magical typing box. She turned Rock into a very cute chicken child, that did everything the RIGHTWAY. Rocks wear a shiny straight halo. She then turned Rhino into a very cute Rhinoceros child that did NOT do everything the RIGHTWAY. Rhinos wear a dull crooked halo. Then she stirred up a yummy potion that made them very real in her imagination. Each day, a new idea formed in YaYa’s mind and became a new chapter in the “Rock & Rhino” book series. YaYa wants to share this series with parents, caregivers, teachers and grandparents and even babysitters of all young Rock and Rhinos in this crazy, upside-down world.

What will you learn from this three-part book? Hang on tight to your cowboy hat friends! Number One: The WRONGWAY to do something. Number Two: The RIGHTWAY to do something. Last but not least is Number Three (for Big People Only): How to fix the problems and make your lives all GOODER! So as the big yellow sun sets over the prairie in Kansas, YaYa, Rock and Rhino send you HUGS AND HI-FIVES! And they all lived happily ever after!

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Designed For Children

But for all ages to enjoy!

The “Rock & Rhino” Book Series is a twelve book collection, designed for children ages one through ten, or for older children with special needs. The first five books of character and morals are divided into three parts, each one showcasing the lovable and quirky two-some as they demonstrate fun and easy examples of what to do, or what not to do in everyday childhood situations.

Books six through ten will introduce a SUPERLY AWESOME new friend, God. Together with him, the boys will learn all about prayer (the kind you say before you eat, before bedtime, and even ones for other times too, like when you’re scared), the Ten Commandments (that’s rules that God wrote), and a journey through the Old and New Testaments (that’s the Bible, friends!).

The final two books of the series will be loaded with fun, fun, fun as Rock and Rhino take a learning trip through the good ol’ USA, making new friends and learning states and capitals along the way, and then try their hands at a cookbook that’s FOR KIDS ONLY!

Why Write The Books?

And how are they written?

Have YOU ever met a Rhino? I’ll bet you have. You might have one living in your house right now! If you have ever witnessed a child who is being unmanageable, out-of-control, or just plain not minding, then yes, you have seen a Rhino.

So many parents, teachers and caregivers are tired and frustrated, looking for ways of bestowing valuable concepts of good behavior and conduct in today’s children. (That’s a nice way to say, “kids should quit being RHINOS and start being ROCKSTARS!”) Whereas children are just looking for a little help in understanding what all this growing up and being good business is. At last, help is here. The “Rock & Rhino” Book Series is written just for kids! (Well, kinda sorta…)

It’s written in “child jargon” (That’s kid talk, just in case you didn’t know.) as a fun story with awesome pictures to catch your little one’s attention, while the message is actually a learning tool aimed at helping adults. The series offers an engaging way for children to have fun and learn valuable life lessons (at the same time), connecting immediately with our main characters, Rock and Rhino, as they stumble through the RIGHTWAY and WRONGWAY of everyday, relatable scenarios. After reading the series, the result will be much happier children (and adults)! The objective is for everyone to be ROCKSTARS and to live happily ever after. The End!